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PLEASE NOTE!!  This page is used only to download iSam and purchase your membership if you do not have access to the silverlight version of our site.  We highly recommend you update and or use the silverlight version of the site for a complete user experience.
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      iSam is an upper-class key logger that runs hidden on your system while covertly collecting data from individual users. iSam silently records every key stroke, including passwords, takes screen shots, and allows you to see and know everything anyone does on your computer, period! Easily watch your spouse, your children, or your employees from any moment after installing iSam. To protect you, iSam is only accessed via a customized hot key combination which in turn only asks you for your password. No one will be able to view the program or the logs it contains except you; and to tighten up the risks we’ve encrypted the files so that ONLY iSam can open and view them. We’ve also added a feature that allows you to have everything emailed to a chosen email account. Therefore, if you’re on the road or away from home you’ll still be able to monitor your computer and its users. iSam can also watch for key words to be typed secretly alerting you once accessed in a variety of ways and operate on a custom schedule. This quick description of features is only scratching the surface and we strongly recommend you test drive our application for free for 3 days. If you want to monitor your computer to protect your kids, catch him or her cheating, or keep an extra eye on your employees then you need iSam.

iSam Features List
     • Hot Key and Password protected
    • Records Users Individually
    • Does NOT operate on a timer | Completely user interactive
    • Self Reviving if terminated
    • Easily have iSam logs sent to your email
    • Fine tune recording measures to fit your computer and personal needs
    • Advanced search feature for finding the log files your looking for
    • Watch for key words being typed
    • Image preview for a quick look at what the user was doing
    • Full screen image viewing
    • Slide show feature lets you adjust the speed of playback and simply sit back and watch as iSam surfs through all the log files
    • Ability to choose which users are being recorded and which are not
    • Choose which users can access iSam via Hot Key and Password
    • Requires Access to iSam to un-install
    • Optional customizable Warning Banner to alert users they are being watched
    • Advanced mailing features for to have logs sent to your email via our server or your own Pop mail / SMTP server
    • View key logs in a normal readable format, show deleted keys, or show all keys to include any key on the keyboard ever pressed
    • Automatic and customizable encryption
    • Scheduler for adjusting recording options to fit your schedule
    • Optimization engine lets iSam to operate optimally on your system according to your tuning preferences
    • Printing options

What am I purchasing?
In short you are purchasing three floating licenses for iSam with a lifetime of free upgrades and updates. However, you are purchasing something more than just an application. Here at Triple G³ we don't really sale software but rather a membership. So as a member of Triple G³ you will be entitled to any and every release of iSam to come and you will always be a member unless you absolutely want to stop your membership. There is NO obligation; just the onetime payment. And we are in no way going to distribute your information with anyone else. We will not spam your email nor do we profit on your information. The ONLY reason we sale a membership is because we want to offer you other products in the future at discounted prices or possibly for free. So, the process will be the same as you purchasing any other software, and you'll register it pretty much the same, and you can go on knowing you shouldn't ever have to hear from us again. However; in the event you need to re-visit us, you will always be a welcomed member and can take advantage of any promotions or discounts we offer. This also allows us to give you what we are calling, ‘floating keys’. Basically, we have implemented a system that allows you to register and un-register software on the fly so that you can easily upgrade your system or move your software to another computer without any problems.

How does this process work?
All you do is make a payment with us via PayPal or with your personal credit card. Once the payment is approved you will receive an email with your username and password in it. The username should be the email associated with your purchase and the payment receipt will also go to the email with your purchase. You can then simply enter that username and password into the ‘About’ screen of iSam and it will automatically register. This also opens the door for remote features we will be offering as an update sometime soon. If you have difficulty automatically registering iSam then you will be given the option to do it manually which means you will have to come back here to the site, log in with the same username and password, and then enter the serial code iSam gives you. You won’t see the serial code unless the automatic registration fails. When you get the code just enter it in on the site and the key will be given right back to you. It’s that easy! And of course we offer by email and by phone registration which we don’t feel you will ever need, but in the event you do you have that option as well.

How long does this take?
This usually happens immediately but some members have had to wait up to 15 minutes or so before receiving their username and password. If you feel like you’ve waited too long, no matter how much time has gone by, feel free to email us (monitored closely) or call us right away. We will then handle things manually and as quickly as possible.

Are there any real hidden catches?
No. There are no hidden catches, we promise. You are simply buying membership to Triple G³ with the rights to register iSam as often as necessary, for life. As well as take part in any future promotions or discounts we offer for other software.

Will I ever be billed again?
No. As we mentioned before this is a onetime payment and you will never be asked for any additional payments for any reason that concerns iSam. Even if the price of iSam goes up during future updates you are grandfathered in and will pay absolutely nothing to update.

For my safety, can anyone else see what iSam is recording?
No. We definitely do not have access to view anything iSam is doing on your computer and neither does anyone else that you don’t give specific permission to do so. It is immoral, illegal, and we don’t want any part of it.

I think I'm ready to purchase my membership with Triple G³ and register iSam.
We’re so glad to have you. Just click on the buy now button and you will be taken to a secure PayPal checkout page. From there you can purchase, securely, your G³ membership with your PayPal account or personal credit card. Once the payments are made then you’re good to go. Just start monitoring your email for your username and password. Thank you again for your purchase, we really appreciate it and hope you get the most out of our product.

Just a onetime payment of $37.40 to get your Triple G³ membership and register iSam.